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Standard Package


Finseen IoT Cloud IP alarm IOT16 is a Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud Based based alarm system, special designed for your mobile device. Finseen IOT16 is online connect to your alarm system via mobile internet or your Wifi. If a burglary happens, you or your related will be notified in seconds.


. 24/7 live cloud connection.
. No monthly fees, no contracts required
. IoT Technology with support of firmware upgrade
. Up to 250pcs of sensors, no limited on Camera.
. Remotely enroll of sensors by internet. 
. Internet encryption AES128 (Bank level)
. 868/915 mHz radio transmission
. Ultra-low sensor power consumption
. Upload "heartbeat" , Sensor low power detection
. Wireless signal strength monitoring
. UDP hole punch firewall penetration
. P2P direct remote access.
. Internet and power interruption monitoring
. 5V Power input, Power back-up battery, 
. RJ45 Internet socket
. Easy to add more Door/Window Sensors, Motion Sensors,
  Smoke Detector, Gas Detector, Keypad, Remote control,
  Indoor siren and Outdoor siren etc.

Standard kit included:

.1pc of IOT16Alarm Hub,
.1pc of IOT16 PIR Detector,
.1pc of IOT16 Door Sensor,
.1pc of IOT16 Remote Control.